WALK - #2

My ideal walk....

...would be as pure and innocent as the day I was born, for I would be wearing only what I was born with, nothing more.

That's right!

No artificial guards or facades, in any way, that mask my true masculinity. I am one with nature while I am "all natural" and perfectly comfortable in my own skin. My true authentic actually very genuine soul would shine right through my outer shell that I am very honored to possess, while my confidence exudes outward, proudly displaying why I am so dignified in my stride. I would very tastefully walk proudly along the immense coastline of Hawaii, perhaps during sunset at dusk.

A beautiful sunset & a PERFECT day to walk on the beach

I would very proudly stroll along, as I have nothing at all to be ashamed of and would tastefully display my beautiful body without shame or a mere sexual thought even crossing my mind for an instant. As I progress, and notice my inspiring surroundings, I see majestic mountains off in the distance, while nearby I spot a waterfall, as I listen to its bubbling brook slowly moving along. The leaves would be gently rustling as I pass by some low hanging trees, while the birds would be chirping a few notes, as I am very delighted to listen to their soft pleasant melody.

What a pleasant surprise!

As I gaze into the distance, I observe what appears to be, a few quaint little huts with a few small tables set up around them. Well, perhaps there would be some delectable refreshing tropical drinks available for me to quench my thirst when I arrive. As I draw my walk to a close, there are comfortable lounge chairs for my fatigued body to relax and replenish itself.

What's the rush guys? Just stroll along leisurely while enjoying the coast

Once I relax in one of them, I look into the distance as I am very elated to observe others who are "open and free" like me! They also like to be themselves and wish to partake in the exhilaration & liberation of tasteful nudity. Only but a few minutes later, they join me as they too relax as they lounge in one of the chairs near me.

Then to wind down an absolutely divine, perfect day, one of the individuals asks me what I am drinking, while I sip my drink and inform them its an extremely exquisite mojito. As I engage in stimulating & thought-provoking conversation with the 3 enchanting captivating people who are now in my midst, I discover that I have enough in common with one of them, that it only intrigues me further as I inquire much more about them.

As time moves forward while getting much darker, it is with pure bliss that one of them becomes my soul mate.

In consideration of this latest development, it is in NO way,

the end at all!

but instead, a brand new beginning, for US!

Hope you enjoyed yourself on my very pleasurable journey along the beach.