WALK - #2

My ideal walk....

...would be as pure and innocent as the day I was born, for I would be wearing only what I was born with, nothing more.

That's right!

No artificial guards or facades, in any way, that mask my true masculinity. I am one with nature while I am "all natural" and perfectly comfortable in my own skin. My true authentic actually very genuine soul would shine right through my outer shell that I am very honored to possess, while my confidence exudes outward, proudly displaying why I am so dignified in my stride. I would very tastefully walk proudly along the immense coastline of Hawaii, perhaps during sunset at dusk.

A beautiful sunset & a PERFECT day to walk on the beach

I would very proudly stroll along, as I have nothing at all to be ashamed of and would tastefully display my beautiful body without shame or a mere sexual thought even crossing my mind for an instant. As I progress, and notice my inspiring surroundings, I see majestic mountains off in the distance, while nearby I spot a waterfall, as I listen to its bubbling brook slowly moving along. The leaves would be gently rustling as I pass by some low hanging trees, while the birds would be chirping a few notes, as I am very delighted to listen to their soft pleasant melody.