Was newd in '18, now I continue to be nude!

Updated: Mar 27

Natural beauty TWICE!

There are a lot of you who feel your body may not be suitable for nudity. I will take the time to explain that you are not perfect, but neither am I nor is she or he around you perfect either. You learn that we are ALL imperfect, it's one of our characteristics of being human.

In this post, I will attempt to get you to try nudism if you have not yet, and maybe even publish your success story in a future post, if you might like that. I will call attention to my previous posts while I inform you of my background in this lifestyle and reiterate what I have said before so that you will have the confidence it takes to stand up and shed your artificial facades that will not allow your genuine and authentic self to shine through for the world to see who you really are deep down inside.

After all, first, you have been told before to just be yourself

After you can do this, you then must get confidence in yourself too. My confidence post isn't my best work. I give it about a 5 or 6 rating, yet still it drives an important message home just the same.

Here is one very important message it delivers:

There are things you cannot change, live with those things.

The things you can change, work on.

Keeping in mind, this piece is more about name-calling, so imagine someone calling you small or fat when reading it while understanding and employing the suggestions in it.

MY type of confidence:

blatant self-confidence!


The ability to stand nude, or "open & free" (O&F) as I call it, and NEVER being offended by ANYONE!


After my metamorphosis on July 8, 2018, I was shy at first like we all are, but I finally overcame that so I could grow and learn about body acceptance, namely mine. But before I commence with my "coming out" of my shyness shell, allow me to digress for a moment first.

As a boy, I was probably the shyest of them all. In gym class, I never took a shower in front of anyone, my gym mates especially.