What Is The Best Way To Define The Ocean?

After you attempt to answer this question, I will then, and ONLY then, give a dictionary definition.

Please understand that we are all more intelligent than books,

aren't we?


at least we should be?

Another question we shall save for later.

I am very curious what you will come up with. As I compose this blog, I am also wondering how a book will define "ocean."

Let's just say, it's a "Large body of water?"

But is that enough to define these behemoth bodies of water?

What shall, or should we, consider "large?"

Decades ago, when I was playing around at the great lakes, during my happy childhood, I noticed I couldn't even see Canada on the other side when I was looking across the lake.

To me, this was a HUGE body of water!

But compare any great lake to any ocean.

Absolutely a massive difference,


Now, is there anything else we should take into consideration at this point?

I believe our 1st step is to agree what we ALL consider "large."

Or do you consider this frivolous?

What about the characteristics it has?

Now we really MUST ALL agree on certain points, before we look at the correct definition below.


Look at these pictures for something, or ANYTHING, we may have overlooked in our analyses, before you even try looking at the definitive answer!

I certainly am unable to see the other side of this!!

A beautiful sunset over a massive and gorgeous ocean

Now you can try to look to the other side, but lots of luck to you!

Look at what Dictionary.com stated: