Why am I here?....out of all the places in the vast universe?

Many meanings...what it means 4 U, is different from MY meaning.

Have YOU ever asked yourself this question?

OR, perhaps

Just what IS my purpose/mission in this life?

Or simply,

Why was I even born?

WOW!! I'm soo excited!! Can I discover it today?

I have been questioning these impossible mysteries with more confusion and uncertainty than should be humanly possible. Looking back on my life with all the various choices and decisions I have made, along with my aspirations and hopes for my future, only reinforces, then further complicates my search for any possible logical explanation out there somewhere. Mainly, because my original dreams are about as far away from reality, as we are from Pluto. Imagine comparing a pro basketball player to my actual reality, a writer still looking for a profitable niche.

These will NEVER be solved!!!

Now, you see just how far Pluto is, don't you?

At least, my destiny is much clearer now. I no longer concern myself with seeking others for companionship or any socialization.

There is just NO one out there for me!

Even if there was, I have no desire to bring new life....


WTFU!!! Sheeple!!! The NEW world ORDER will lead YOU straight to your slaughter!!

Speaking for me anyway, the most important reason I will NEVER create any new life, is I would NEVER intentionally bring anyone here, only to force them to exist in the very same cold, cruel, deceptive and vile existence I am unfortunately forced to live in. I could NEVER be that cold and cruel. With me in this off the wall, evil, and beyond sinister world, by mistake, this is exactly why I really have NO clue or any idea at all what my purpose is here or what I am even supposed to be doing on this terrible planet.

Make sense?

If I was dropped off, or placed here inadvertently, perhaps my only mission is to go where I actually DO belong without wasting any more of my short time left down here.

Well, NOT quite sure yet. Still researching these! Get back to me.

Looking for life's purpose is so far beyond our capability, as its way too complex for us to finally find out, that the answer may actually take multiple existences to even come close to any answers.

Even with all that I have said, I actually do have a few potential explanations in mind.

My 1st xmas with my NEW LOVING Daddy. I really adore my NEW LOVING home, with my wonderful NEW Daddy!

More than a decade ago, when a scared little defenseless, abused little girl, came into my life, she just stole my heart! She was also more than precious, innocent, and so very loving, yet also very courageous and beyond brave soul! She, at the same time, really needed a completely loving home as well as a beyond patient and caring master. Taking ALL this under consideration, maybe I am to do nothing more than really give her ALL my eternal love I have within me that I possibly can. I will always be here for my precious adorable loving lil Mimi, my really sweet and always well behaved little fur daughter, so she ALWAYS has a safe loving home, where she is, and always will be, completely protected from ANY & ALL evil in this totally cruel insane malevolent existence. After she was