Shall I call you homo, since you call me bi?

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

As a preface to this special post, I would like to dedicate this to all my avid readers and loyal fans, but especially to those who are under the impression that my site is focused exclusively on nudism and related topics. Much to your relief and surprise, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with any type of nude topic.

This post does, however, have EVERYTHING to do with the 4 types of sexualities (or our orientation, as they are often referred as) while I ask individuals how they can be offended by referring to them accurately. As you may be aware, I am extremely logical and analytical in my thinking and how I examine a topic. I will state, right now, that logic, as I'm told, cannot always be used in every circumstance.

Osman declared in reply to me,

"Language use is a social construction; derogatory words are based on usage (culture) rather than only logic."

However, always keep in mind that words cannot hurt you in any way. Especially if you consider that the words used are a mere fraction of communication.

Over 90% of what is said, is NOT the words used!

Keep this in mind as I will use the same argument and logic with you, as him.


It is finally time to begin.

I will start by stating the 4 most common well known orientations, and defining them.

I have omitted the less common ones, such as, Demisexual, which is one that I also correlate with. There is Pansexual, which is simply a modified BISEXUAL sexuality.

In their proper order, they are: