Why conflict while peace is just a modicum?

Updated: May 20

Allow me to share the tweet I created on May 3, 21.

It just came to me and I sealed the deal by posting it.

Concerning our god given gift, we ALL have.

Our universal vessel while down here.

While one considers it art & beauty with proper respect and values,

Many others desecrate it with vile, evil thoughts and views while

Using outdated puritan morals and values,

While relating it to just 1 sole function, it performs:

Creating and Bringing new life here.




Is this ugly?

Or, sexual??

This is beauty, so it is also art!!

You can find the original post here:

"That was what I came up with."

A beautiful young couple enjoying themselves.

So, what is wrong with these 2 attractive young people?

Did I come back late, and now smiles are "sexual" somehow?

Both of them are totally gorgeous!!

A Very cute and attractive couple before you.

POINT BLANK!!.......There are absolutely NO sexual connotations!

If anyone somehow envisions anything even related to sex or sexual innuendoes, THEY are the ONLY ones that must seek help!

The "elites" calling card

Then I got to thinking, like I always do, there must be some reason that the "higher power" (whatever power be over this entire planet) prevents us from living together, in an "open and free" lifestyle where we ALL can be courteous and kind to each other, while down here on this planet.

Are children's parents actually the government?