Why do you really hate us bi guys?

Updated: 6 days ago

I am living proof that--we exist!!

After reading this article, suggesting gals look at us as less masculine and weaker than straight men, per some studies showing that women perceive bisexual men,

First "less romantically attractive and even less sexually attractive than straight men."

Second, "they were less likely to date and have sex with a bi guy."

Lastly, "bi men were perceived as being significantly more feminine than straight men."

This really astonished me!

I have always conveyed my masculinity to others while never acting feminine.

Any BI guy I have been around NEVER acted feminine, or less of a man to me.

Even so, after close examination of these studies, if these women really feel this way,

it essentially forbids us to be BI.

"In one study, out of 1k women surveyed:

63% wouldn’t date a man who’s had sex with another man."

"Simultaneously, 47% of women said that other women have attracted them,

while 31% of women have had sexual encounters with another woman."

Very hypocritical stats.

So, it's just fine for THEM, to not ONLY be attracted to THEIR OWN sex,

but also having sex with THEIR OWN gender..???

BUT contradictorily, WE BI guys are FORBIDDEN to do anything with OUR own sex!

Why is the double standard always applied ONLY to female needs in society?

Did you ever notice this standard is ALWAYS to HER advantage, NEVER his?

This double standard allows HER preferences of various activities with anyone, so SHE can freely choose HER life.

So, SHE can be BI, while society adversely treats BI guys negatively for their BISEXUALITY.

This double standard is ALWAYS much more advantageous for females, since men will have fun with a BI female, however with prejudice, ladies HATE BI men.

This standard, "BI" far, puts all BI guys in a terrible light, while females divergently ALWAYS have their fun with ANYONE they choose, since females get chosen back, while men also choose their own partners, these partners will not choose BI guys.

So, that seem fair to you?

Not if you are a BI guy!!

Since, by default,

we BI men are forced to pick from two quite objectionable options: