Bi the Way, This Is Why I'm Bi

Updated: Mar 11

after going through my story below, you shall find out why I'm BI

I sincerely hope you will not only enjoy what I call my "coming of BI" story, but hope you may learn from it as well.

My story is completely factual from my heart to yours. After I went inside myself to determine my sincere reason for sharing my life with you, I sincerely feel my story can assist young adults, with their own issues and confusion about their own sexuality.

You MUST comprehend one declaration to get through life................

YOU MUST live YOUR OWN life, while NOT allowing ANYONE ELSE to live it for YOU!

I wish to share my life story with you, touching on the various encounters from early childhood through the present day. What I went through, the people I have met, and their actions are what, I surmise, formed me into what I am today. I wrote my heart-wrenching story to assure you that you are not alone in what you may go through in your young adulthood.

So, allow me to share the circumstances that led up to accepting myself. I finally took comfort, not only in my sexuality, but also allowed the little boy inside to come out so that others can love and accept him, while I also reveal the influential people that may have formed me into what I am today.

Without a doubt, I am.....

and ALWAYS will be!!

I will begin with my memorable, yet rough childhood. Like most of you, I can barely remember much before I was six years old. I will, however, get to my first memory around this age.

Growing up in the 70s, an entirely different time back then with,

NO internet,

NO social media,

NO computers, as they were NOT even in many households yet.

NO cell phones either!

No luxuries like these at ALL!

These were the days of going to our friend's house and asking their parents if they could come out to play.

But somehow, I made it to the present day, 2020.

My cousin, Mike, 11, and I were playing down at the creek. Being such a tender 6 years old, I had to be with an older family member. After a long hot day, we were ready to go home. After we got back from playing all day, Mike just wanted us to relax in our sleeping bags upstairs. So, he invited me up to bed a little early. I found this to be strange, but accepted his invite just the same. He started asking me some troublesome questions. Being only 6, I didn’t really understand everything he wanted to know. Since I was having a tough time with his line of questions, he had an extremely radical idea.

He showed me what he was speaking of instead, and being 5 years older than me, he seemed very influential which led me to believe that I could not ONLY look up to him but also trust him in suggesting I perform something I had NEVER done before. I was oblivious to whether it was good & condoned or bad & TABOO, so I just complied with his very peculiar, unfamiliar suggestion.

Being so young back then, I wasn't even aware that he had exposed me to my very 1st sexual awakening, referred to as fellatio.

YES! It sure was a fantastic drug for me, at such an early age!

But it was enough to shift my preference for life!

I have heard that your 1st sexual experience is the one that follows you, being your favorite. If this is true, I can certainly relate to this as I look back on mine.

Afterwards, he firmly told me, “Don’t tell grandpa, he’ll get angry.”

As young and naive as I was, I didn't completely understand why he said this, really confusing me. I didn't realize that I needed to keep certain things to myself, considering this, I felt it was fine to share this with my best friend, Carl.

This was my life altering mistake.