WOW!!! Xmas "mourn" is here! For YOU!!

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Just woke up since mom, was cleaning my place up.


I go into the kitchen where she's making cookies.

"Mom, doesnt it make more sense to do those BEFORE Xmas?"

I inquire.

She responds in a cute motherly tone,

"Oh my dear son, Vince & Suzy Lou won't be here for another few hours. I got plenty of time. There you go, always doubting your mother......ME!"

I don't quite get it.

So I probe for more info,

"I thought they were going to Montana this week to visit her family?"


Smile Clive

Then I look down at Clive, Hmm,

"I dont remember him having his haircut."


Then if too much isn't going on already, Dave drops by.

"Hey dude man, I just wanted to drop these cookies off to you, and my Mom's special cake for the holidays."


"Really? But that cake has been my favorite since we were buds back in HS. Shes so sweet."

"Well, must get back to my kids now, but Merry Christmas!"

he says on his way out.

Cake AND cookies from his mom & my BF Dave, I've known since we were kids.


As he is headed out the door, I notice some white material all over the ground.

But it couldn't be snow, Im out west in CA, and it's like 70 degrees out.