Wow, write about write?

Some of its outstanding!

This is a brand new type of challenge, so I better consider this very carefully.

I know!

I suppose I will just tell you about my writing.

It is something that provides enjoyment, as well as top notch therapy to express my thoughts and feelings. You see, I am certainly far from the worlds expert at verbal communication, so writing, safer to say, is a much better outlet for me. When I write, I can always go back and forth to add, delete or even edit words. I can do it once or I can do it twice, or even thrice if I really need to.

My very first blog post, way back on August 25, 2018, was on bisexuality you may find this now, as BISEXUALS love you BOTH!

It started out as a short, almost antagonistic piece, but as I kept making edits and added links, it transformed into what it has blossomed into today, also being published on biresource.org

It just took off from there as it spiraled out of control onto many other prestigious websites!

By now, I have written on such a diverse selection of topics, such as everything from nudity, as you can see by this very site, when I wrote my very first published article back in January of 2019, up to presently teaching certain life lessons as well as sexuality. I haved dabbled with erotica, as well as personal thoughts and feelings writing about whatever comes to mind.

At one time, I had 80 writings on FL alone.

Now on that very site I have over 110!

Then I achieved the honor of visiting author on nudeandhappy.com when I took a shot and submitted my Sublime Experience, conveying my first experience of being "OPEN & FREE" with a lady I had just met. This is also where I have a handful of articles pertaining to, yup, nudism. As I moved up in the industry, I then got my own blog website, my very 1st one, writenowchris.com on Blogger.

Now that I have finally attained high level status, with my own full fledged website, I post everything here for your viewing pleasure.

I really have an uplifting encouraging experience writing, as I express my thoughts on "paper," ..err ...uh well, actually a computer screen & keyboard.

See my "keyboard?"

I just finished a very controversial essay on how children fare between nudity and violent video games, I posted it right here, on CJblog, Nov 4, 20, and mentioned it on Twitter.

I always enjoy comments on my writing, so I can see if you like it and if I am coming across the correct way, or in the alternative, if I may be totally off the wall, in your opinion and should go back to the writing board. As I said, I usually don't have the talent of communicating correctly verbally, so I attempt to rectify my lack of oral communication skills through my writing skills instead.

Well, enough boring you. I just wanted to brief you on my material about various topics.

Oh, did I mention that I love getting comments?

Now is your chance!

Thanks for your attention and

Love you BOTH,