You Are Worthy. YES!!!.......YOU ARE!!

YOU see ALL the qualities that YOU are worthy of?

You Are Worthy! YES!! YOU, the reader are worth a lot to family

I don't know who needs to hear this, but it's been weighing down my heart for a few days now and I'm convinced you need to hear it! YOU WILL hear it NOW.

YOU are worthy. Worthy of respect. Worthy of love. Worthy of being accepted just as you are.

  • YOU are valuable. You alone determine your value. Don't ever discount yourself so others can 'afford' you. If you do, you will always settle for less than you deserve.

  • YOU are irreplaceable. There NEVER has been and NEVER will be another YOU. EVER!!!

and dont forget LOVE! Worthy of that too!

  • YOU are not difficult to love. Steer clear of the people who make you feel like you are, they are simply not your people. This includes parents too! If YOU have parents that dont love you UNCONDITIONALLY and you are not safe with them, YOU MUST leave immediately to seek out adults who can help you!

  • YOU deserve respect, love, and compassion. Don't settle for those who can't/won't give you these basic things. Don't beg for basic human decency.

If your parents treat you this way, GTFO of their home!

  • YOU are loved. There are people in this world who love you. Just know that even if you feel like you have nobody, I care about you.

  • YOU have the right to have emotions and displays of feelings. Surround yourself with people who will celebrate your successes and joy and will hunker down with you when life gets hard. Those who allow you to feel and experience all things, even pain or sadness.

  • YOU matter. Your wants, needs, expectations, desires, dreams, emotions and experiences matter.

If you ever need some