You Nude? YES! New Too? Then You're NEWD!

"Good morning to you!

I was told you were coming.

So, you must be the NEWD one, he was speaking of.

I remember when I was new, but I wasn't nude yet."

"But you are nude?

and New?


Then U R NEWD!!....without a doubt!"

"Oh! Keep quiet. He is about to address the major problem in today's preposterous backasswards society."

I am speaking now, to you ALL!

Greetings, one & ALL,

I am Christopher, but if you prefer calling me CJ, that's perfectly acceptable as well.

Whether you are nude, new here, or just really NEWD, and even you seasoned vets of our lifestyle.

I welcome you ALL.

This is a unique examination into the eternal, yet also irrational, ludicrous and totally insane judgement of our lifestyle, by our adversary, the textiles, who has called their local enforcement on us, as they share the same illogical beliefs. I will attempt to demonstrate their reverse logic, if we can even refer to it as logic, our adversary uses to keep us distracted from the main issue, preventing our enjoyment of our vested interest, while I show how deranged the opposite POV is.

As veterans of my usual material, you will see a new side of me today, as this is a narrative of my POV on how this demented society acts towards us, as they hinder our desire of enjoying our alluring, elegant anatomy in a completely innocent and tasteful proclivity.

As for the rest of you who are NEWD here, I'm sure you will enjoy the sketch at the end of my presentation today, but usually I am much more serious.

For you ALL, even though nonfiction seems to be my forte, this is a rare look into my meticulous ability at fiction, regarding our mutually beneficial lifestyle.

This will be a cross between humorous fiction and blatantly serious non-fiction.

I consider it an oxymoron, with us being the "OXY" while our ridiculous rival is the "MORON"


My 1st attempt at humor, but by the way you all reacted it is also my last.


1st, I would also like to address a few points about changes to society and show our sentiment that all other minorities are receiving their own rights, but we see nothing at all for our rights as nudists, naturists and others who want to experience just how

"OPEN & FREE" nudism really is.

Why MUST WE be the only group inconvenienced by being the only minority without rights?

I thought we are actually in the 21st century.

But I seem to have my doubts with the way our USA society handles us.

World is changing, while ALL of us are NOT able to partake any change,

so why hasn't nudism changed for the better in modern society?

Or at least having a more modern POV about the divine gift bestowed upon us?

While the entire world is far beyond puritans, we are still left behind in life??

At least, all should, by now, have different attitudes towards our lifestyle.

As others have the govt protection, they are all strong in their presence.

NO change for NUDISM!!!

NO change for "NATURAL" life

NO change for an OPEN, HONEST lifestyle