YOUR inspirational Xmas eve post

I would absolutely LOVE to see what YOUR Xmas eve looks like, then we could trade off and then I could actually observe what it feels like to be around Friends & Family!

Today, I stayed home alone, as usual, until I was chatting with a "pussy."

I assure you I will explain this name and justify it later on.

This, puss, invited me over. In making a longer story much shorter, I will simply state that we had our fun, and I then came back home.

After that, the "USUAL" occurred.

No worries, I will explain this one too.

If you understood MY destiny AND MY life, YOU would COMPLETLY perceive my attitude AND MY eternal pain, to just how much agony my existence is being here.

The rationale behind my suffering is that NOTHING EVER changes for me. If you have perused my previous posts recently, you know that Rob broke it off. I now just peck away on my keyboard at this PC and will write, at least until I can walk across the ocean. With NO Rob anymore, thus NO BF, I chat with others and pass my time until I can move on to the extra special place "UP THERE."

Earlier at 4pm

hear I arrived at Puss's place. As I stated, we both did our thing, and he made some pansyass excuse for him to ditch me. Before I left though, he said that he needed to go out with family, but after he finished by around 9pm, I would hear from him.

Now, 7pm,

I glanced at the app we met on, and this is the BEST part.

If you don't feel like guessing what he did to me, I will just inform you he simply,


from chatting with him again. He, in reality, told me he would send me his # later before he would show up at MY place.

Now, for me to explain how MY USUAL happened AGAIN!

Its MY usual, because this has happened BEFORE!

This was FAR from the 1st time!

The last one first stole from me, then BLOCKED ME!

That is much more obvious, but tonight's event, I have NO FUCKING clue, why.

I will now explain why he and everyone else on these types of apps are total pusses. It is, since NONE of them can be up front & honest with me. Instead of being an actual MAN or even just an adult, and informing me WTF I did wrong this time, as well as many others, they just allow me to vacate, then they block me, with NO reason, NO explanation, NO words, really NO NOTHING!!!!

By doing this to me, I am going to repeat my action invariably!

Do you discern why I will keep on repeating this until doomsday?

It is me not knowing, WTF I am doing wrong!!

If I don't know the particular act I am doing to piss people off, or offend them, or upset them, or whatever it is that Im doing, then HTF am I going to cease doing it?