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  • Why conflict while peace is just a modicum?

    Allow me to share the tweet I created on May 3, 21. It just came to me and I sealed the deal by posting it. Concerning our god given gift, we ALL have. Our universal vessel while down here. While one considers it art & beauty with proper respect and values, Many others desecrate it with vile, evil thoughts and views while Using outdated puritan morals and values, While relating it to just 1 sole function, it performs: Creating and Bringing new life here. WHY?? Answers......???? Someone???? Is this ugly? Or, sexual?? You can find the original post here: "That was what I came up with." So, what is wrong with these 2 attractive young people? Did I come back late, and now smiles are "sexual" somehow? Both of them are totally gorgeous!! A Very cute and attractive couple before you. POINT BLANK!!.......There are absolutely NO sexual connotations! If anyone somehow envisions anything even related to sex or sexual innuendoes, THEY are the ONLY ones that must seek help! Then I got to thinking, like I always do, there must be some reason that the "higher power" (whatever power be over this entire planet) prevents us from living together, in an "open and free" lifestyle where we ALL can be courteous and kind to each other, while down here on this planet. YES! When I say, "Open & Free" I think of nudity, along with how it makes me feel when I actually can partake. Read my blog on the difference of nude & naked. But I never made up the saying, "Open & Honest" I wonder why these are so similar. If you're open, does "honest" somehow correlate? For a LONG time now, I have been thinking about the link of 3 distinct elements, there MUST be some reason why there is a correlation between the 3 of them: 1 - SEX, what the majority matches with nudity. WHY? Ignorance of nudism and what it stands for; clean, tasteful and respectful to ALL! THIS is nudism! Also, what the media (always controlled by govt) constantly bombards us with hypnotic messages that sheeple listen to and obey, NO hesitation!! 2 - NUDISM itself, the state of being open, honest with others, and putting your genuine self out to others for their acceptance and compassion, as well as our birth state (born nude). That brings us to the 3rd one. Ready? 3 - POWER, the ability to act or have influence over others. This certainly is 1 post that I am really requesting your help with. I have ideas or a few suspicions, but there is so much more than meets the (or my) eye. I know I am not the smartest tack out there, so if you or anyone else have any ideas, please shoot them my way or leave comments here. You can always contact me publicly OR ALSO PRIVATELY, no problem. There is so much not being seen or answered. Whenever govt is involved, this is always the norm. Shouldn't we ALL concern ourselves with increasing good feelings while trying not to stir up more conflict and other harmful feelings with others? We define peace as: a state or period in which there is no war, or a war has ended. OR freedom from disturbance; tranquility. I must ask, Who in their right & sane mind does NOT want tranquility? Those that can ONLY see $$$$, POWER, GREED then transforms into SELFISH. This is just mind-blowing for me. I would LOVE any tranquility, that I could receive! But now, we ALL are forced to live in a world of conflict, constantly! Oh yeah, I can provide numerous examples! NO PROBLEM!! The only matter that gets me thinking is I have been told that war is profitable. Is this why "they" require all of our continual wangling "together?" No wonder the currency they have laden us with must be completely EVIL and VILE, with constant conflict and turmoil! The elites, or should I say the "fat rich pigs," are far away and beyond.....not sure at this point whether I should declare them evil or greedy or just selfish.... Or just pick ALL 3! Do any of these strike a chord with you? "Peace is a stress-free state of security and calmness that comes when there's no fighting or war, everything coexisting in perfect harmony and freedom." So, after all these definitions about tranquility, no war, freedom from disturbance, why would anyone want conflict, war, or upheaval? Then I went to find synonyms for serenity, and aside from comfort and equilibrium, along with others, guess what else was under serenity, CONTROL. Any comments?? Chris

  • Why do you really hate us bi guys?

    After reading this article, suggesting gals look at us as less masculine and weaker than straight men, per some studies showing that women perceive bisexual men, First "less romantically attractive and even less sexually attractive than straight men." Second, "they were less likely to date and have sex with a bi guy." Lastly, "bi men were perceived as being significantly more feminine than straight men." This really astonished me! I have always conveyed my masculinity to others while never acting feminine. Any BI guy I have been around NEVER acted feminine, or less of a man to me. Even so, after close examination of these studies, if these women really feel this way, it essentially forbids us to be BI. "In one study, out of 1k women surveyed: 63% wouldn’t date a man who’s had sex with another man." "Simultaneously, 47% of women said that other women have attracted them, while 31% of women have had sexual encounters with another woman." Very hypocritical stats. So, it's just fine for THEM, to not ONLY be attracted to THEIR OWN sex, but also having sex with THEIR OWN gender..??? BUT contradictorily, WE BI guys are FORBIDDEN to do anything with OUR own sex! Why is the double standard always applied ONLY to female needs in society? Did you ever notice this standard is ALWAYS to HER advantage, NEVER his? This double standard allows HER preferences of various activities with anyone, so SHE can freely choose HER life. So, SHE can be BI, while society adversely treats BI guys negatively for their BISEXUALITY. This double standard is ALWAYS much more advantageous for females, since men will have fun with a BI female, however with prejudice, ladies HATE BI men. This standard, "BI" far, puts all BI guys in a terrible light, while females divergently ALWAYS have their fun with ANYONE they choose, since females get chosen back, while men also choose their own partners, these partners will not choose BI guys. So, that seem fair to you? Not if you are a BI guy!! Since, by default, we BI men are forced to pick from two quite objectionable options: 1 - either admit to who we are deep down while possibly NEVER finding our soul mate to share our life with. Sadly, this is MY consequence. OR 2 - lie if we are BI. MUST pretend to be straight OR gay, just NOT BISEXUAL! MUST hide your NATURAL attractions to others. These equate to: habitually lying in order to find someone, for if & when that ever happens, our lives with our new soul mate will be unfulfilling while being forced to live a lie. Is this you? This is the, PARADOX of BISEXUALS Yet, doesn't everyone expect honesty in their relationships? What a sick, twisted joke!! Then the article proposes that we "look for" other BI people to associate with. Well, keep in mind, Look for & Attaining are, in fact, 2 separate actions! Where, exactly, do we find fellow BI people? Now, this should be the QUESTION of BISEXUALS!! This is an arduous, if not impossible, feat to endure! GOOD LUCK with YOUR search & ATTAINING this task. The ridiculous conclusion that escapes me is how there are some "guys??" out there who throw on a dress, and other feminine accessories, while parading and pretending to be someone entirely the opposite of what they REALLY are, while certain other guys* and even "society" somehow accept these "individuals." With us BI guys, who simply have different sexual preferences than others have, ONLY WE get shunned by a LOT of you in society, just because we have an attraction to BOTH genders, we are less than desirable to many others. UNDERSTAND THIS??? Well, I most certainly DO NOT!! Is there anyone anywhere who can explain, logically, the rationale behind this? Thanks for your attention, as I remain BI my stance, Love YOU BOTH, Christopher certain other guys*--defined as those guys that prefer the wacky freaky female pretenders over and beyond a REAL BI guy!


    PAY very close ATTN, to what these 4 revelations ALL have in common. This is key to understanding the message. You'll see how deranged our home is AND the way this vile, greedy, selfish world treats us in this preposterous "prison planet" 1 The United States of America is an insane place, ( uh, YEAH!!) where you can, in a few areas, with the correct permits, legally carry and conceal a gun, while the 2nd amendment is fraudulent, or ignored by our all-inclusive friendly government, but risk imprisonment should anyone see your genitals. 2 We live in a world where, under the banner of free speech, YouTube permits videos calling for racism, sexism, and homophobia &, don't forget ALL the VIOLENCE! but Facebook censors a mother breastfeeding? 3 We live in a world where “Mature” video games like Grand Theft Auto entertain children with fantasies of murdering innocents, while a game showing a nipple for a split second earns a much stricter “Adult” rating. 4 We live in a world where the Westboro Baptist Church can rally at a gay soldier’s funeral with signs that read “God Hates Fags” as police stand idly by, but should a man or woman show up in nothing but the body we are all born into, they would promptly get arrested for indecency. I have seen thousands of pictures of BOTH sexes, yet I fail to see what is "INDECENT" on EITHER of us!! It's very daunting and dismal that we are ALL here in this sad, heartbreaking, bleak existence with corrupt, greedy, and power hungry, MISLEADING leaders who condone dangerous activities, while at the same time, will arrest you for activities that DO NOT HURT, AFFECT, INJURE, or HARM YOU /ANYONE in any way!! Accompany me as we peruse each, one at a time. 1 -- Some info pertaining to guns, carrying, 2nd amendment Depending on location and various laws, you may carry it in full view. If you conceal it though, then you are subject to fines, court, and jail or prison. Heres the kicker! If you decide to follow the regulations, and carry it in FULL view, LEGALLY, PIGS still may arrest YOU! Below, you will observe what a cop said to me As a security officer, I had my 357, and while discussing this issue of open carry with one of those famous PIGS, he said, generally "I'll find a reason to arrest you!" Now, do you see the conundrum? OR maybe the paradox? Carry it in view, LEGALLY, AND still risk being arrested just as the GUNG HO & ABOVE THE LAW officer had stated, ARREST while drawing attention to yourself. On the other hip, however, with guns, if you hide it while carrying, unless you have a CCW, permitting you to do this, ARREST!! So, in reality, if you prefer to act as a well-behaved little citizen, you are defenseless! Now, do you comprehend how govt forces us to OBEY while we behave like good petty SUBSERVIANT LITTLE CHILDREN, OR MAYBE YOU PREFER ROBOTS? Our all powerful govt always watches over us, while placing illegal precedence in place, oh like our muzzles perhaps, all while they disregard THEIR OWN BILLS AND legislation. So, now what? There's the eternal AMBIGUITY! Fucked if you do, Fucked if you don't!!! Don't you just LOVE our country? Quickly on Bill of RIGHTS???? WHOA!! It should be a Bill of LIES, or BULLSHIT Why? Well, let's see.....Since we, AS NUDISTS, mostly deal with the 1st amendment, let us look at it. Amendment I "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." First Amendment | U.S. Constitution | Source Do you know which govt follows this? No! NOT USA! In this shortened version it says nothing about "expression" But this longer version DOES! freedom of expression Second Amendment "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Now, upon scrutinizing the 2nd amendment, it falsely claims you may "show, carry, or possess a firearm," as it continues with their false allegations, stating your rights will NEVER be stricken from you. After reading, you can decide if the govt is truthful, forthright, transparent, and always stands by anything they claim. You will understand immediately how false their bullshit is by stating, OUR RIGHTS WILL NEVER BE TAKEN FROM US!!! It will show YOU adamantly that our deceitful, dishonest, self-serving, govt (local, county, state and the fucking feds) NEVER stand behind their false claims. This one says ONE thing, but does another! Most would agree we call this DECEPTION or FRAUD. Well, maybe we should look at all the people having ARMS, don't get cute...ARMS are guns, in this case, NOT the ones with hands. OK, I will say this quickly then move on to #2 above, "We live in a world where, under the banner of free speech," False lies & deception! OR, do you prefer a side of MUTINY & TREASON with their dishonesty? 1 We are NOT a FREE state!! NEVER will be! 2 Most people, that at least I know, don't have arms that fire ammo. 3 My favorite...."shall not be infringed!" The reason those last words are my favorite is the dishonesty of govt who infringes OUR RIGHTS EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY DAY!!!!! KEEP AND BEAR!! KEEP = Don't take them from us!! BEAR = SHOW and shall NOT be INFRINGED!!! It means that OUR RIGHTS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR US!! HOWEVER, They take guns away from us--ALL the time!! In case you don't notice, if PIGS see them in your car--SEIZED In court rooms, in any federal building - SEIZED INSIDE PLANES/airports, how many you see? ZERO 0 NONE!!! FELONS - ANY crime ANYwhere ANY time, even if you have a felony like hit and run, YOU may NOT own, fire, or possess & bear arms. So, if you would care to tell me how ALL OUR rights are NOT being infringed, I'm ALL ears!! The govt will 1.--I will mention quickly, I HAD a few LEGAL guns, PIGS entered home WITHOUT a warrant!! ILLEGAL entry! THEN they searched the house ILLEGALLY with NO warrant at all! GUNS & knives, SEIZED - NEVER saw them again!! 3 acts they did ILLEGALLY!! MY guns were LEGAL, so stealing them, AND MY KNIVES was theft!! Since when are KNIVES illegal?? Since MY guns ARE LEGAL, why were they even SEIZED, WTF???? I will tell you why! THE DISHONEST CORRUPT MENDACIOUS GOVT WORLDWIDE WILL ALWAYS DECEIVE US BY CONTINUALLY PREVARICATING THEIR PURPOSE, AS THEY KEEP US BLIND TO THEIR EQUIVOCAL PLAN, SIMPLY BY DIVERTING THE SHEEPLE TO WEAR OUR MANDATED MUZZELS!! SIMPLE VERSION - ABOVE THE LAW!! ALWAYS WILL BE UNTIL ALL OF US WORK TOGETHER!! SINCE WE NEVER HAVE NOR EVER WILL THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY CHANGES!! UNTIL THEY UNLEASH THE NEXT PART OF THEIR INEVITABLE PLAN! It is a MAJOR SHAME, that we and others in this frightening DEpopulation plan that will take place in '25, can't work with others to stop this genocide of humanity! 2 -- This simply is way beyond ME!! But if you want to see what REALLY harms kids, it CERTAINLY IS NOT nudity, it's the daily bombardment of VIOLENCE. that these oblivious ignorant parents allow. Not only racism, sexism, and homophobia, but ALL the VIOLENCE! This is the point where I'm so lost at their absurdity!! So, whoever is at the top level with this lunacy, is sending out a directive that constant negative bombardment with these characteristics above, is NOT AT ALL concerned about children's safety or care about tomorrow's adults. So, lets see if we can figure this out? Read my piece on, Does nudity harm children? It will demonstrate much more logic! Let me get a grasp on this idiocy, The blind and inattentive parents, and also our "caring" and disingenuous and "honest" govt somehow condones the violence & racism, and even SEX?? along with homophobia, and BIPHOBIA too, is also running rampant with NO one ever giving any of these a 2nd thought. (ALL of which is BOTH negative & illegal) So, mindless parents will be fine with sex in a video game?.... but for some unknown reason they protect their children's eyes from looking at the human body, the same one that children actually have also, a human body themselves. This whole aberrant existence sounds insane to me! Well, look at where you are! uhm....hmm, oh, Earth? BINGO!! It looks like there may be a connection between SHEEPLE, and ignoramuses. Hmmm.... ....Isn't SEX what all the absurdly ignorant ones with misapprehension are always so concerned about? Good point, however, the brainless, illiterate, individuals appear to ONLY associate the human body with sex. They are too obtuse to grasp clear-cut concepts, like SEX & NUDITY have NO connection. 3 -- This is just the insanity that I was referring to. It escapes me who leads this world, (we will NEVER know), I don't even know how to respond to this lunacy, but I will give it my BEST shot. The BEST we could do is to accept everyone for who they are! If we actually could do this very act, WE WOULD NOT EVEN NEED CLOTHES!! Since we have no way out, people should be more accepting of others. There must be a link between sex, nudity, and control, which I have not figured out. But, it may take a while, this would have to be researched to a much greater level. Not sure where to find the best info on that. Perhaps we need to consult with, Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and attempt to figure out their totally absurd, ludicrous insanity. EARLY CHILDHOOD. Titles rated EC (Early Childhood) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 3 and older. ... EVERYONE. Titles rated E (Everyone) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 6 and older. ... Hmm, another one that baffles me!! So, I will ask you to tell me where a 5 yo would fall. I contacted them, needless to say, they obviously ignored me. I guess they do NOT want to inform us properly of their misleading system they have devised. They do NOT have to, as they seem just as untouchable as our "friendly & honest" government. 4 - Westboro Baptist Church can rally at a gay soldier’s funeral with signs that read “God Hates Fags” as police stand idly by, Well, I don't know whether I should laugh at this church's utter and complete ignorance of people they don't understand having different preferences OR ask why god would hate cigarettes...... OR WTF he made humans, with bodies that everyone seems to be ashamed of, and WTF we ALL have them, only to conceal/cover what he made in his image This fucking church is insulting MY homosexual brothers??! BAD MOVE!!! This ENTIRE post has been TRUE, 1-4. Now stay with me from here to the end, as I provide feedback & a moral to #4. From this point on, I am using #4 & examining it and educating ALL those that somehow are cruel, and judgemental to other groups. You have already read #4, and I include the facts it has within the story below. #4 insinuates: "god hates fags" AND that useless PIGS do NOTHING about prejudice behavior, until NEWDISM arrives on the scene, then and only then, do they spring into action!! Well, well - VERY INTERESTING!!! Why is that? I sincerely hope you will read my entire story, as it shows EVERYONE that certain groups hate others for NOTHING! It just takes the right person/people to present facts to ignorant individuals. Once they see it presented differently and finally see......!!!!....the TRUE LIGHT!!!!.......they should cease with their ignorance, and MAY stop with their unwarranted behavior, while they may even apologize?? Wishful thinking anyway Side note--- I have had my site for at least a few months, and I still don't see many compliments or feedback on my content. Why? Please enter any comments/feedback you would like to share. With little feedback, I am still not sure you find my content worthwhile or enjoyable. Remember, I like feedback of any caliber, so I can change or modify my work. Now, on with my story!! Carol's fantastic retort astonished me!! When she put old Brutus in his place....away from us!! So, read till the end, you just might agree! Ok, 1st, I would like to know from these useless PIGs why they are just standing around watching the grass grow. Here's one now. "Well, useless PIG, I demand to know WTF you are doing besides absolutely NOTHING?" "OK, YOU dont comprehend.....NO, Mr...." (I better not say piggy again.) "Over THERE!!!" "Lets see if you finally...uh smell....oh" (I hope he didn't sense all of my controlled sarcasm) "Is this "party" something you are simply watching, while you gobble up your doughnuts OR is there any chance I might incline you to stop them from insulting my brothers, while you finally stop wasting MY TIME AND everyone's money.?????" Well, (talking to myself) I see I called him the correct name, I am rarely wrong, as he just went over to his "boyfriends" and I can see why he is TOP- NOTCH useless. As he's telling his boyfriends, probably about me, another one just looked my way. Yeah, now another one gazed at me. Ha ha LOL, yeah PIGS, I am just waiting for you corrupt sleaze balls to harass ME. I will then have a fun field day, whenever you sleaze balls come, try me on for size. They stopped looking now. No prob, I know exactly how to handle these slime balls. I can deal with professional ones, but these are far from honorable. While they play with each other, I will straighten out this goddamn church. It's one deal when they play by the rules, but I can tell they are just itching to take someone in. Here's one of these cruel religious freaks now. I am coming right at you, hon. "Hey, is there a reason your picking on those gays?" "What do you mean, what do I mean?" "Your signs, chants, disturbing the peace!" "What? What do you mean, god hates em?" "Now YOU are telling ME who god hates?" "Oh, an abomination?" (If she thinks gays are an abomination, she should see some of the trannys where I live) "Oh, that's what you......(I might have used perceive here, but she would be oblivious) them? (Im only being extra polite for now, but make sure, when I go in for the "kill", you read carefully!) Yeah, this is what she's got for ammo? I normally wouldn't waste my time with such a dubious broad, but the pig wasn't budging either. "Now explain to me, how you figure god hates them." "Hey sweetie, ( she is so far off the main track!) I really am interested in your flawed sense of reality, can I get more info on these...... people?" (Did you notice she totally missed "flawed?" It went right over her head!) "Oh, really? Thanks a bunch" This dope didn't even see me coming! I mean, if she was even using 25% of her brain, she could NOT smell a skunk from 10' away. (Yeah, you're right. Not the best analogy, but work with me here.) Now we (Yeah! U and me, you have been reading this far, so stay until the end ) must talk to this Father...uh....Bob? I see who the bimbo pointed out. Now to attempt the....perhaps impossible task, speaking to this guy....sorry, I meant Father. "Good morn...Father?" (whew! I got the right guy) "I attempted to talk to....." (as I point to the broad) "yeah....Shirley. " "She informed me that....what was that? Oh yeah, that these gays? Were......Hmmm trying to think what she called them...was uh....amob..something?" (Now, you MUST know that I'm just acting semi-stupid to accommodate him. My method to my madness....If he thinks I am really this dumb, he won't suspect a thing. My ONLY objective is saving my family and sticking up for my deserving bro's. Anything they need, I AM HERE FOR ALL OF THEM!!! WITHOUT FAIL!!) SO, I AM READY TO ENGAGE @ ANY MOMENT!! "Yeah, bobby....or Bob I should say. Ya see, these GUYS that you seem to uhmm, DISlike? Well, man, I have actually ya know..met a few....and really now, I must reveal they are not really that bad, ya know? So, can I like....what's the word? Oh, yeah, maybe strike a deal here?" "Oh? really? Not too hip?...on deals? Well, how can I persuade you, ya know, to stop the lunacy towards them? I...really respect them and....from what I see, they don't seem to be all bad or anything....what do you think? Can you help me out?" (Dam, I just had a killer idea!!! Listen up, this is what I was referring to earlier about moving in for the KILL!!!!) "Uh, Father, or uh, Bob....well, no deals?..but you might agree on a ....uh....AGREEMENT?" "Oh, now you're ALL ears? GREAT! This will grab you right into your heart!!" (This is where you better pay close attn, watch..errr Read carefully now.) "Well, let me say the magic word, children!! Oh No! Bob, relax! These kids..are special! NO! Nothing like that! Listen, Bob, just listen. You ok now, Bob? ok, I will carefully continue. It's, children SAFETY, NOT ABUSE!!" I will explain, that back home, there are 2 youth organizations. Both of them provide accommodations for homeless youth. My boys are really concerned, as they help the organizations and provide funds for the youth. The ONLY actual participation they do is whatever the organization's allow. NOTHING ELSE! I heard, with the organization's permission, they may have taken the boys on a parade once, WITH THE ORGANIZATIONS APPROVAL ONLY!" "Now Bob, still listening I hope, I will ask you a question, let's say it's the million dollar one, How can god, assuming you are speaking of the same one, hate bros that provide homes for the children that he created? "Hello, Bob--are you still with me?" Bob finally speaks!!?? "Wow!! I'm stumped, uh.....never got your name." I am talking to myself here under my breath, "Holy shit, dam!!!" "It's Bob & Carol!!" "NOT NOW!!!" "Just call me, CJ......Sorry Father, I gotta run now, there's a couple of people I MUST speak with fast!!" "Just think about my question and change your ways to be respectful to ALL of us!!" "Thats all I ask!" "See ya, Father!!" I need to coach these 2, Bob & Carol, I didn't actually think they would do it, in front of everyone. (Oh, yeah! You are still reading, huh? I thought we all were finally at the end, because I was just going to handle the Father, but then my 2 friends show up unexpectedly! Out of the blue! Speaking of blue, you are still in the dark....Ok, well, for now, I will explain they are BOTH "OPEN & FREE" But if I don't get to them in time, they won't really be "free" Excuse me now, I better "save" the day and get them hidden.) Bob!..... Carol!! You BOTH get over here NOW!! What are you 2 thinking??? Get over here behind this trailer, at least those PIGS won't see you!! Now, you better answer my question....... Where are your cloaks & facades? YES!!! I mean your clothes!! Oh, dam it again!! A PIG is coming this way, now!! You 2 must get out of sight somehow!! But where? Think FAST!! Oh, heres something!! Wrap this around you NOW!! Quiet!! He's almost here! To Bob: "HEY!!! you fucking pervert...... Didn't your mommy dress you today?" To Carol:" But, hey sweetie, I didn't see you there. As long as you came "dressed" for the occasion, why don't we go back to MY place? "WTF are YOU???!! Are you approved?" "WTF, are you talking about?" "Yeah, that's what I figured, YOU need to disappear NOW!! I can ONLY handle 1 problem at a time, so BI now!!" "Hey bud, you just go over there while I speak with this fine young chickadee" "Look, Brutus .....I believe I said DISAPPEAR....NOW!!! Understand, NOW?? Carol speaks up, "Are you speaking about me?" "If you are, let me, educate YOU! "1st off, why are you hitting on ME, when there are other ladies all around here?" "Before you continue to make a total ass out of yourself, I will defend my space and lifestyle, until you recognize & therefore respect ALL of us nudists. If you refuse to acknowledge our human form as a beautiful entity, instead of some abhorrent, ignominious piece of trash for you to defile at your will while you desecrate our mutual grace & elegance, mutual as in us nudists, there is ABSOLUTLEY NO PLACE for you anywhere near us!!!" "YOU MUST NOW, dispel your lurid ass from our proximity, and since you don't seem to comprehend NOW, I will say instantly!!!!" Uh, Wha...I am not, hmm, underst....I guess you want me..... CJ, Bob, and Carol in unison, LEAVE, AT ONCE! "Even, I was impressed! Are you a walking thesaurus, or what babe?" "Well, I really am too drained, dealing with them. Before one sees you, try to hide under those or something, till I get my car!" "Carol, well you too Bob, really need to give me more time to prepare next time! That could have turned into a nasty situation!" Hey, it's me again, CJ! I hope you all enjoyed this brief sketch I created, while working on a few projects: Newd challenge - it's a fictional account of what could happen to us, where the malicious textiles call our "friends" (yeah right) in blue and how to handle them. I am trying to post 1 for Newd, 1 for BI each week, but I may not make it, depending on a couple other projects. I will do my best though. Now, what do I have to do, in order to get you to post comments? The only reason I ask is so I know how you like them. Why can't we ALL move FORWARD? After reading the following, we are moving backwards! Instead of us making progress, we are absolutely going in the unequivocally backward direction!! “Holistic naturism permitted our ancestors to see each other as sacred whole people and to accept different body types as perfectly natural. Youths were able to see the entire cycle of human development from birth, through puberty, young adulthood, adulthood, elderly adulthood, and eventually death, as a normal part of life. Our ancestors accepted their bodies as they were, without diet crazes, plastic surgery, steroids, harmful beauty products, latest fashions, or bank-breaking ‘bling.’ LOVE U BOTH, Christopher

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